Health and Quality Life – Coffee

Health and Quality Life – Coffee


Health and Quality of Life -Coffee a beverage loved by millions all over.

Coffee beans are from berries grown from coffea plant. This plant is home to lot of equatorial regions and is cultivated in over 70 countries. Two common varieties are Arabica and Robusta. The beans are then roasted to make a brewed drink. It’s a drink that stimulates humans in many ways, because of Caffeine.

A healthy and Quality beverage coffee

Health and Quality of Life – Coffee

Some of the benefits of coffee consumption are attributed to:
Increased energy level
helping in burning fat
Increased physical activity, burning body fat.
Essential Nutrients like manganese, magnesium and potassium.
Lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes
Protect against Alzheimer and Dementia
Reducing the risk against Parkinson’s
Safeguarding effects on Liver
Fighting depression

Coffee according to some experts, helps lower the risk to liver cancer and stroke and does not cause heart attacks.

It helps stabilizing health and also acts as a source anti-oxidant in some cultures.
As a coffee drinker, there are specialty, Gourmet Coffee, and so on. The coffee is consumed by millions around the world and have perfected the art of making gourmet coffee in homes. They are investing in brewing machines to enjoy their favorite beverage.

Some of the leading brands have gone one step further in introducing coffee pods and made the connoisseurs enjoy the luxury of a good beveage.

Here are some tips…
TIP #1 Brew the Coffee just ahead of time. Some of the coffee machines comes with the brewing feature. The aroma often fills the environs of home
TIP #2 if you intend to make cold coffee, brew it the evening and store it in the refrigerator. This will allow it to cool before you pour it over the ice cubes.
Tip # 3. Use air tight canister to retain its freshness. Store it in a dark dry place a room temperature.
TIP # 4. Coffee grounds can be used in the garden, as a mulch, compost and side dressings for heavy feeders, acts as slug deterrents and suppression of fungal diseases.
Enjoy Your Well Deserved Break!

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