Cooking as a hobby -Manis Passion

Cooking as a hobby – Manis Passion

Cooking for me is a hobby that I acquired watching my mom in the kitchen. In my culture cooking was the prerogative of women, men were not allowed in the vicinity of kitchen. Kitchen was considered a sacred place as cooking required lots of attention to detail. At a young age, I started the art of making easy dishes like making rice, tea and coffee. I would go into the market place to see how cooks would dish out variety of items that were sold during the day. I would venture to ask for the ingredients from the cooks and learnt a lot through knowledge sharing.
Cooking is an art and one of the most easy to learn, so long as you have the heart and mind in it. It’s a manifestation of love in what you make and help people taste from your handiwork. You can learn from others, from cook books and these days there are videos that you can learn from with no limitations.

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Cooking as a hobby – Manis Passion

So long as you have the utensils, pots, ladles and ingredients, you can start your experimentation. There is no wrong or right way to add and mix your ingredients in the initial stages. However over a period of time you will perfect your art with regular practice.
There are other hobbies that requires investment and skills. Like driving a car, photography, gardening; however cooking you do not require much as most of them are present around your kitchen. The investment in cooking may come in when you choose to become a culinary expert.
Food is an international subject and has no boundaries or borders. Your imagination is your limit. Foods from different parts of the world can be explored within your kitchen so long as you have access to the basic ingredients.
Most preparation involves ingredients that are special to a particular dish. It involves dry spices, fresh herbs and taste enhancers – chilli varieties. So advance preparation is required. Spices can be wholesome or grounded, however storage is very important to retain freshness. Items like black pepper, cumin, fennel, sesame, poppy seeds will retain freshness if they are in air tight containers.
A great care must be taken when you are cooking meat recipes to ensure they are fresh and stored in right temperature. Always refer to resources available on the internet if cook books do not contain answers to your questions.
You can cook any kind of dishes so long as you have done research ahead of your preparation. Some of best food recipes come from exotic places and all that you need is your willingness and desire to taste. Ethnic foods have taken a great stride in creating a place for itself. Italian and French may have established their culinary art, advent of Chinese, Indian and Spanish have created a new stage for displaying their culinary skills.
It’s no longer burger and fries, now people’s taste buds have changed with the presence of ethnic foods all over. Cities like Toronto and New York have so many ethnic food places that it caters all kind of taste buds. Extensive travel to various global destinations have made them adventurous.
Cooking does not require memorizing the recipes, it’s a constant evolution of new techniques, additions and subtractions of spices. You can achieve consistency with regular cooking of a dish. Share your knowledge and share your tips to make the recipe better.
Remember cooking is an art and manifestation in different forms of cooking makes it fun. To win everyone’s heart is through stomach of each and every one of us.

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