How to Make Perfect Popcorn on the Stovetop

1 Heat the oil: Heat the oil in a Three-quart thick-bottomed saucepan on medium excessive warmth. If you’re utilizing coconut oil, permit all of the strong oil to soften.

2 Put Three or four popcorn kernels into the oil. Wait for the popcorn kernels to pop.

heat oil and add 3 to 4 popcorn kernels to the pot

Three When the kernels pop, add the remainder of the 1/Three cup of popcorn kernels in a good layer.

Wait for the popcorn kernels to popwhen the popcorn kernels pop, add the rest of the kernels in an even layer

four Cover the pot, take away from warmth and rely 30 seconds. (Count out loud! It’s enjoyable to do with youngsters.)

This technique first heats the oil to the proper temperature, then ready 30 seconds brings all of the different kernels to a near-popping temperature in order that when they’re put again on the warmth, all of them pop at about the similar time.

5 Return the pan to the warmth. The popcorn ought to start popping quickly, and unexpectedly. Once the popping begins in earnest, gently shake the pan by shifting it forwards and backwards over the burner.

Tip: As the popcorn pops, attempt to maintain the lid barely ajar to let the steam from the popcorn launch (the popcorn might be drier and crisper).

6 Once the popping slows to a number of seconds between pops, take away the pan from the warmth, take away the lid, and dump the popcorn instantly into a large bowl.

once the popcorn stops popping, remove the pot from heatImmediately empty popped popcorn into a serving bowl

With this system, almost all of the kernels pop, and nothing burns.

7 Melt butter in the empty scorching pan: If you’re including butter, you possibly can simply soften it by putting the butter in the now empty, however scorching pan.

melt butter for drizzling over popcorn

Tip: if you let the butter get just a bit bit brown, it can add an much more intense, buttery taste to the butter and to your popcorn.

Just drizzle the melted butter over the popcorn and toss to distribute.

eight Sprinkle the popcorn with salt to style.

Fun toppings for the popcorn – Spanish smoked paprika, dietary yeast, cayenne powder, chili pepper, curry powder, cumin, grated Parmesan cheese.

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