Fruits Melons- Manis Passion

Fruits Melons – Manis Passion

How to Beat The Summer with  Fruits Melons

The best of fruits  Melons – a fruit with great benefit it offers every summer and is considered to be the best to beat the summer heat.

Watermelon, honeydew melon, and cantaloupe are the three most common and loved melons in North America in particular and world in general.  They are consumed throughout summer months.

The melons season is usually starts in April and goes until fall. This is the season when these fruits are in season. The complementing factor –it contains lots of water, making them super fruits in summer.

Here are tips to enjoy melons in the summer.

  • Just eat watermelon. A nice chunk of juicy watery watermelon is a great way to overcome the impact of heat.
  • Another great way to beat the heat, is to create a melon salad with some Greek feta cheese, vinegar, some olive oil. Sprinkle or garnish with some basil.
  • Use all three melons and make a puree. Chill it and top it with a fresh mint for a refreshing treat on a summer day.
  • Make a refreshing drink out of the melons. You can make a great melon drink using it with soda or Perrier or any sparkling water, it will make a great summer beverage.
  • Make a watermelon smoothie or a melon parfait for a treat.
  • A light and refreshing fruit salad with all of your favorite melons in it will cool you down.
  • Blend your favorite melon and freeze it. Add it in your water for a nice and sweet refreshing drink.
  • You can make a nice granita – frosty Italian dessert. This is a famous Sicilian Frosty Dessert. The recipe calls for chunks of melon with some ginger ale, sugar (optional) and lime juice, puree it and freeze it. You will scrap the frozen puree and serve it in a pretty glass with a twist of lime. .
  • Enjoy melon in the mornings in an empty stomach, makes a great accompaniment to a good American breakfast.

Melons makes the perfect summer treat and a great substitute for water, if you are not accustomed to drinking water regularly. Just grab your favorite melon today and have fun with your family and or friends at a picnic, home backyard or in the comfort of your home.

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