Health and Quality of Life- Nutrition

Health and Quality of Life- Nutrition


An important component for a good health and quality of life is “nutrition”. These both are vital for both your body and brain. The energy for your everyday life is dependent on what you plan, eat and develop a good eating habits.

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Health and Quality of Life Nutrition

Here are some tips that you may find it useful:
TIP # 1 Eating green vegetables and salads in your daily intake is very nutritious. Quite often we all tend to add salad dressing to our salads, in fact we must try and avoid these dressings as they are not “healthy”. Though nutritional facts may be a positive indicator, but they do contain ingredients that may not contain good nutrients to our body and brain.
It is recommended to make a homemade salad dressing using Vinegar and, Olive oil as main ingredients. Homemade seasonings are also strongly recommended. They can be made out of combination of ingredients such as Romano cheese, Sesame seeds, Paprika, Celery, Poppy, Garlic powder, Black salt, pepper and Cayenne pepper. There are Greek, Italian and French seasonings. A good source of information can be obtained from the internet.
TIP # 2. Another good combinations to your salads are adding dry fruits such as Cranberry, apricots, raisins and walnuts. Most health conscious people go for food that are in their natural organic settings. It is established fresh organic foods consumed in any form is recommended for its value. Cooking and adding chemical ingredients must be minimized as far as possible to preserve the organic value.
TIP # 3. Most grains consumed are often milled and thus its organic and true value is lost. The benefits of consuming organic grains must be another factor to in your daily intake. Examples of un-milled rice are brown rice, red rice, purple rice, black rice. Husks are taken off but un-milled rice are not polished thus retaining its organic state. Pressure steaming before milling is called par boiled rice.
TIP # 4. Another important factor we must consume food that has high in fiber contents. Fibrous food helps in digestion and in the process a clean internal system wards off potential health issues such as cholesterol, diabetes and other critical illnesses.
None of these can be started as a crash course to your diet and nutrition. One has to form a habit to introduce changes gradually and slowly. Overtime you will make the informed choices to the right kind of intakes that will make you healthy and lead a quality life.
These simple tips are not a miracle and it comes over time when you notice that your energy level is plummeting. Bring the changes to live an increased levels of energy and ability to motivate into a better focused life. We have to eliminate stress by following the tips listed above. The results will be a true measure of your personal success in its implementation and follow through.



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